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Pinnacle is recognized as one of the best global bookmakers because it takes a very low commission on all games it offers. As an international book, it is also very well supplied with events and types of bets. Above all, it offers bets on esports.

Bet on Pinnacle

Pinnacle has no approval ARJEL, so it is illegal to register but most importantly, the site, although translated into different languages, will not accept you. No need to lie about your identity because it will prevent you from recovering your earnings, and above all there is very simple to register: go through a broker.

How to proceed ?

Very few people know this principle yet very developed in Asia where virtually all online betting sites are banned. The broker is an intermediary who passes the bets for you, according to your instructions. So technically, you do not bet on a foreign bookmaker, you deposited money with an account manager;)

This broker is certainly the best and is also very interested in the European market. He regularly offers gifts in the form of a percentage of money that you deposit there.

But above all, it allows to bet at two bookmakers banned in France that are Sbobet and Pinnacle. The first one does not allow to bet on the meetings of eSport while the second allows it. Note that Pinnacle is named PinBet internationally, it’s the same thing.

The principle is that you deposit money at Asianconnect and tell him where to bet as if you had your own account at Pinnacle (Pinbet). From the beginning, the broker will ask you for your personal details, which online betting accounts you want to open but also a deposit method. You can make a bank transfer (Banwire) but also use electronic wallets such as Neteller and Skril.

An electronic wallet

We recommend using one of its two because there is no fee with Asianconnect, just 1% when you add money to the online wallet account. These two online money reserve services are legal, no account maintenance fees or agio and allow a real management of his gambling money. Of course, it will be necessary to supply a first time your account Skrill or Neteller, by transfer this time- here or by credit card. Then you will put your winnings to the games and nobody will see the transactions anymore. Ultimate interest to use one of these services, to be able to benefit from a card Mastercard to 10 € / year to pay anywhere but it is not obligatory.

Last, Skrill and Neteller are not bank accounts (they are not affiliated with banks) but you will be asked to justify your identity and your home because they are still serious financial institutions.

We summarize

Open an account at Neteller or Skrill (whatever) to deposit a sum intended for your games bets on the eSport.

Open an account at AsianConnect and use Neteller or Skrill account money.

Bet (finally) on LoL, Starcraft, Dota2, CS: GO and HS at Pinnacle.

This method of betting at Pinnacle is the only truly viable and legal but is a bit painful to put in place. It will take several days to be able to spend your first bets, courage.

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