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In the field of video games I realize that there is a subject that I have not treated. I told you about the bets on his own victory in video games (it’s quite difficult in the end) but it is also quite possible to bet on the victory of his favorite team at an international eSports meeting like League Of Legends, Starcraft, DOTA 2: the list is long and you certainly know better than me the most popular esport games (the proof, even TF1 gets started!).

Do not look at Betclic, we will not find the COD World League or DreamHack. This is not bad will on the part of European bookmakers, it’s just that they do not have the right while some others satisfy the demand of the public of electronic sport to the international. In fact, bet on a meeting between HerO and Rain at Starcraft2 is exactly like an Arsenal / Chelsea. There are ribs, tournaments, intermediate bets, specific types of bets. The bookmakers treat both in the same way on the same platforms and also offer live broadcasts in addition to Twitch. In any case it is what happens abroad, with us it is possible, or almost.

At which bookmaker to bet on the eSport?

The internet reviews connoisseurs bring out 2 bookmakers very good for this kind of meetings. You will find an excellent list of eSport bookmakers up to date here to go further or keep you informed. This is the very famous Pinnacle, bookmaker who makes the rain and the weather on the coast on the sportsbook, and 1xBet then, which breaks the barracks for a few years and is very interesting for us. We also find the giants Sbobet and Bet365, but as for Pinnacle is the galley to register.

European market regulated but clogged

Little parenthesis on the regulation of gambling in EU countries. In 2010, the government adopted a European convention to regulate its domestic gambling market. This was done with the creation of the ARJEL which imposes a lot of restrictions in order to protect players from the risks of addiction and above all? to collect a whole bunch of taxes. At the time, and it is still the case, it was decided to legislate only sports betting, poker and betting on racehorses. No other card games, slot machines or, of course, eSports. This does NOT mean for the player that it is illegal to bet money on these last activities, no, it means that it is impossible for operators to advertise or offer bets to players under pain of sanctions. The risks are therefore on the side of the operators, not the players. All the better for us 🙂

You may have already looked at the previous links to realize that players are not accepted, alas. But there are several parades and to go fast, I show you the best plan:

This link to 1xBet, which allows to register.

This is the best plan because registration is immediate and you can bet easily by going to the left column at the bottom of ‘Virtuel’. No need to go through a broker, use a VPN or worse to lie about his identity. This Russian-based operator is an Asian giant, he does not care about retaliation ARJEL.

If you want to know more about the wrong solutions, keep reading, else => Go 1xBET and bet on the GG.

Solutions to bet on eSports

The broker: This is not a bad solution to speak of. You will ask an intermediary to bet on your behalf by giving him your money dedicated to betting. This intermediary will take his commission. The best of the moment is AsianConnect88. It allows to bet on the Holy Grail Pinnacle and Sbobet. So on paper it’s very good but in practice it’s still open accounts and manage, strange bonus conditions that are added. I prefer when there is the least intermediary. That said, this solution seems legal on paper since the use of a broker is not prohibited.

Lie on your identity: Malin, you say that it is enough to register by saying that one is Belgian (has not missed, their market is also regulated there) or German (missed also), or Spanish ( neither), in short you will find well. And indeed, your registration will be validated with your fake address and you will take bets and you will be the champion of the thrift until you withdraw your winnings because at that time it will be necessary to prove your domiciliation with a bank account associated. GAME OVER. Do not play this, bookmakers will not refund anything and your money will be lost.


We can always cry on our fate saying that our country should open its market bets on eSport and wait, or go to bet the only for the moment that allows no artifice or intermediary: 1xBET (link that works).