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The site “Gagner argent jeux video”, which we will call GAJV for simplicity, is a showcase site that offers you to put you in contact with operators who can play a video game and bet on his own victory. The site enjoys a legal vacuum and a lack of interest policies in all matters related to video games.

Bet money on victory at JV

First of all we must not confuse taking a bet on eSport, where we put on the outcome of an electronic sports meeting that we do not participate and bet on his victory in a video game. Bet on his victory in a Hearthstone duel of Starcraft or in 5v5 at LOL is above all skill and then a little luck. As a result, this activity is not considered a game of chance in the same way as sports betting or even poker. The legislation is unclear and in practice no one is interested in high level activity except that.

Historically we had 2 operators who had started gambling on video games as a player. It was Gametoo and Multigaming. The two French companies had a nice community but closed because the law was unclear (investors threw in the towel). All that remains is foreign actors and ultimately American actors to allow this kind of activity.

What games can I play and bet?

First of all, to participate you have to own the game and console (or pc), register and deposit money. The betting sites offered are well done because they estimate your level at each game and offer you opponents accordingly and estimate your level in public. You can also challenge a person with penalties for the one with the highest level. The sites also have an anti-cheat system, tracking tools and offer rewards at tournaments they organize with eliminations and all the gear.

To return to the title of this paragraph, we can bet on almost all esport: League Of Legends and Dota 2, Starcraft, Gran Turismo, EA Sport series (Madden, NBA2K, NHK, …), FIFA, COD, Street Fighter, Overwatch and many more.

The majority of players are English-speaking and mostly American. As a result, you can find yourself between Europeans at certain times and then with peaks of attendance early in the morning. The most popular games are FIFA, Madden and HS but there is something for everyone.

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