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Betting Tips

How and where to bet on eSport?

You will find on this site the information needed to bet real money on matches made by professional players or video game teams. Just like for sports betting, it is indeed possible to bet on his favorite team in a given discipline. But this practice is very little known and practiced in UK. Thus, the operators are almost all American. This involves knowing the operators and how they work.

How to start betting on eSports online?

Like many, you are certainly passionate about eSport (or electronic sport), or at least tournaments of certain disciplines. You may be supporting teams like Fnatic, SK Gaming, Millenium, etc. You know the weak points of each, the history of matches, team reshuffles. To add spice to the game, you think that wagering real money on eSport meetings is a great idea.

Where can I bet on eSport?

What is needed is a safe bookmaker and that gathers a maximum of players on a maximum of meetings to a maximum of games to be able to bet with interesting odds.

We tested and validated the list of betting sites on the esport. This exhaustive list will also be an opportunity for you to discover the main actors through dedicated cards and punters.

We offer you here a top 3 bookmakers who can bet on the esport.

Bets on esport matches are still in their infancy. We must therefore turn to the nations that have the bet in the blood. This is the case of England and the United States.

On which games can I bet?

Of course the MOBA and STR are the essential esport because they are the games that bring together the largest community of players. You will not be surprised to be able to bet on League of Legends, Dota 2 and Starcraft matches. This trio is offered by any good bookmaker who respects himself.

Counter Strike is also very often proposed in its Global Offensive mode.

Finally, some sites offer to bet on Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty or Overwatch.

Bet on the victory of a team or on my victory?

On this site, we present all aspects of betting on matches in which you do not participate. It works the same way as for sports betting for those who already know. You do not participate at all in the event, they are mostly teams (Lol, Dota2, HotS) or individual players (Sc2, CS or Hearthstone for example).

Your prognosis, because it is all about this, is either due to your desire to see a team win a meeting, or due to your feelings about the forces involved.

But there is a form of betting in which you are the main player. It is then a question of bet on your capacity to win individual meetings (or sometimes in team).